Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been chided for not blogging in, oh, say a month or so.

In my defense, it's been a busy month, and it's about to get busier.

Paul and I got engaged at the end of last month (August 31, to be precise), and, because we're not really ones to mess around once we've made our minds up, we're getting married early next month (October 10th, to be precise).

No, I'm not pregnant, before anyone asks.

The planets have finally aligned, Paul started work in Columbus this past Monday and it seems dumb for him to keep paying rent somewhere until we get married. We've been throwing ideas around about the wedding for a while anyway, and are on the same page about what it is we want (meaningful ceremony, outdoors, low-key, lots of family and friends around, delicious home-cooking). The biggest project I'm taking on is making my wedding dress, and it's nearly done (AND I'm three weeks away from the wedding, which is probably a personal best. I may or may not have a reputation for doing things at the last minute). Paul's big project will be smoking enough of his famous ribs for a 130-or so guest list. Other than that, we really just want to be married at the end of the day.

So if posting is spotty for the next month-ish, it's because I'm organizing a wedding in about two seconds. Don't worry. I'll post pictures once it's over.

In the meantime, I leave you with some of the cute pics that were on my camera when I cleaned it off just now.

"No pictures, please."

See the string hanging out of her mouth? That's from the hem of my wedding dress.

And this one was taken immediately after the previous, once she'd slurped the string up like spaghetti. Could she look any more innocent?

My two favorites cuddling on the couch

Yet another reason why I love this man. He climbed down into my crawlspace (the trapdoor for which is narrower than his shoulders) to fix my stopped up shower drain. Now that's love.