Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I [didn't do] on my spring break

So here's what my March has looked like so far:

Thursday, March 3: my students' book reports due (45 of them. ugh.)

Friday, March 4 - Tuesday, March 9: grade, grade, grade, grade, grade

Friday, March 11: last day of winter quarter, lunch with Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies visiting speaker, speaker's lecture, straight to work

Saturday, March 12: wake up at 5:30am and drive to Marion, OH to adjudicate the DI tournament

Monday, March 14: my student's final exam (3 in-class essays)

Tuesday, March 15 - Thursday, March 17: grade, grade, grade, grade, grade

Thursday, March 17: heart attack because my computer won't connect to the internet and I can't submit grades. Go to work early to use chef's computer to submit them. Sigh of relief until I realize I still have 7 pages of my 15 page paper to write before the next day.

Thursday, March 17, 10pm - Friday, March 18, noon: write, write, write, write, write, submit

Friday, March 18, noon-4pm: put together application to be a facilitator at the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching's fall teaching orientation. Submit.

Friday, March 18, 4pm-5pm: practice the piece I'm supposed to play in Eric and Bethany's wedding. Curse my rusty piano skills.

Friday, March 18, 6:30pm: Eric and Bethany's wedding rehearsal. Have a heart attack because I can't remember how to play the piano.

Saturday, March 19, noon: get ready for the wedding. Still panicking about the piano thing.

Saturday, March 19, 2:30pm: wedding starts. Still panicking.

Saturday, March 19, 2:38pm: play the piano well enough that I didn't embarrass anyone. Feel like I could use a stiff drink.

Saturday, March 19, 2:44pm: Eric and Bethany married. Cue the party music.

Saturday, March 19, 3:45pm: receiving line finally done. Happy I'm not in the wedding party because I don't have to stand for a million pictures. Three family pictures and then I'm done. Find some punch, then go home and let the dog out before the reception.

Saturday, March 19, 6:46pm: Eric presented with a magnificent ball and chain by his friends at the reception. He tells them to have fun in Ohio, he's taking his ball and chain to the Caribbean.

Saturday, March 19, 7:30pm: Paul, Amy, Kyle and I plan our escape. Go home and put on comfy clothes, then go to the movies. Rango wasn't as funny as I expected, but it was fun.

Sunday, March 20: Sleep in

Monday, March 21: Spring break starts. Resolve to do absolutely nothing except read books on my Kindle all week. Get through a good chunk of A Game of Thrones.

Wednesday, March 23: Ikea and the Jeffersonville outlets with Amy

Thursday, March 24 - Sunday, March 27: still doing nothing. Finish A Game of Thrones.

Monday, March 28: School starts again. No more laughing, no more fun.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kindle-ing the flame

I have been doing nothing in my free time except reading book after book on my new Kindle.

Posting will recommence when (if) the excitement of reading books for pleasure wears off.