Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh Baby!

I don't think I've posted anything about this yet (especially when I last posted here I was only about 3 weeks pregnant), but we're having a baby!  (This should not come as a surprise to the two people who read this blog.  Just thought I'd throw it out there). 

So anyway, Saturday was my baby shower and I am completely overwhelmed by people's generosity, not only in their beautiful and thoughtful gifts, but in sharing their time with me on the most gorgeous Saturday we've had in a long time. 

Amy and Lynn were the perfect hosts.

 Amy peeking out the door to supervise.  (Also, doesn't this picture remind you of this one from our wedding?)

Lynn, Lynn's mom Grandma Irene (our baby's honorary great-grandma) and me. 

I didn't see the RSVP list, so I wasn't sure who was coming, and as the guests began arriving (and arriving and arriving...) I couldn't believe how many had come from far away to spend the day with me.  For example:
Toohey, Jen and Kim: northern Ohio; Bri: a few towns over; Kate: Virginia; (me, Amy); Lexy: Chicago
How cool is that??

I was also reminded how blessed I am in family: aside from my real mom (who didn't make it into any of these pictures because she was taking them... oops), I counted no fewer than eight "moms" who were role models and mentors to me growing up, and who I now count as friends.  My own grandmas have passed away, but I had four "grandmas"  in attendance (two great aunts, one of my great aunt's best friends of 50+ years who might as well be a great aunt and Amy's grandma who might as well be my grandma, too). 

This baby is one lucky little guy or gal to be coming into a world so full of love.

And on that note, my hormones and I need to go find a box of tissues.  Love you all.