Friday, May 28, 2010

The week (mostly) in pictures

Paul and I went to my friends' wedding in Wooster last weekend. I asked his opinion about which shoes to wear with my dress, and he suggested his. I decided maybe not.

I bought a fan to combat the outrageous heat wave we've been having. Penny got her own Cardboard Box out of the deal.

The peonies have worn themselves out with their own decadence.

But I finally got some veggies in the ground. This is a green bell pepper - I also planted carrots, radishes, green and wax beans and some cucumber plants today, but the garden doesn't look like much yet. As soon as I have sprouts, pictures will be forthcoming.

The clematis is doing well this year.

So remember a while ago how I posted about the beautiful sunshine that comes in my kitchen? It's really lovely in the spring when it's still cool outside. It's a bit much when it's 90 degrees by 11am. I strung up some tea towels until I find inspiration for this window. I might just try to get one more calendar tea towel for a year between 1986 and 2010. I think they're cute. The 1986 one was my grandma's - she used to get one each year. I like to see on what day my birthday fell each year. My first birthday was on a Tuesday in 1986.


Amy said...

LOVE the idea of the tea towels!!! Its so cute and unique :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I may keep with the tea towels - I'm going to go through some of my grandparents' old stuff sometime soon and see if I can unearth another of Grandma's calendar towels. I really love the one I got for 2010, so I might stick to the theme. It's really too pretty to get all stained up.

Mandy :D said...

Bethan - your hardwood floors look AMAAAAAAZING! Also, I hope I get to meet Penny (and CB!) tomorrow!! :D