Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I like the word 'crazy.' It implies that things are a bit out of control (or at least out of the ordinary) without necessarily implying that that's a bad thing.

It's also Paul's nickname for me. Make of that what you will.

My life's a little crazy right now. School's in session, I'm teaching and taking some labor-intensive classes (including one called "Violence in Early Modern Europe," which I think it's simultaneously awesome and ridiculous. I'm getting paid to take these classes? Really? I took Old Occitan last quarter. Have you even *heard* of Old Occitan? I hadn't either).

Paul and I are slowly but surely making progress on the house, but my camera finally gave up the ghost, so I haven't taken any pictures lately. We finally installed my mad cool bookshelves above the bedroom door and wrapping around to the front corner of the house, and they make me happy every time I look at them. We also put in a proper thermostat, replacing the old, scary mercury-filled one. One of the next projects on the docket is to finish cleaning out the garage (which is full of left-over wedding stuff, Paul's tools and stuff that won't fit in the house, wine-making supplies, gardening tools, soil, mulch, pots and I don't even know what else) and to make a proper tool bench.

Oh, and we adopted a cat.

Just noticed that you can see both my awesome book shelf and our new thermostat in the webcam picture. It's almost like I meant to do that.

So truth in advertising, actually *I* adopted a cat. He's supposed to keep Penny busy during the day while we're at school and work. Judging by the papers I regularly find strewn on the floor when I get home, I think it's working.

Doesn't she look innocent, though?


Anonymous said...

That picture of you and the cat is backwards I think!

2E Monster said...

I LOVE those bookshelves! And Penny. Please leave your door unlocked tomorrow, I'll be swinging by to abduct both. (You keep kitty, I'm allergic) Thanks! :)

Mandy :) said...

The bookshelves are AMAZING! Nickel and Penny being fun paper thieving friends makes me happy. :D My kitty likes to eat paper... not so fun when organizing my wedding binder! Hehehe. I miss you. We need to phone date soon!