Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chilly/ Chili

It's cold and icy this week in the Midwest, and I'm loving everything about it except the having to go out in it part. This morning, though, I braved the weather to go to campus for my students' lecture, and now I'm back home and snuggled in until tomorrow (unless, of course, the administration takes pity and gives us a snow day. Please, Lord, let them take pity).

My plan is to start a big crock pot full of chili for dinner and then to sit on my couch and read the book I'm presenting on for class tomorrow (unless, of course, class is canceled. See prayer above). I figure if I count on a snow day and goof off there's a good chance we'll have school, whereas if I read this book and I'm well prepared, it'll be canceled. Unless, of course, the universe cottons on to the fact that I've figured out how to circumvent Murphy's Law of School Closure and outwits me by having campus open tomorrow after all. But I suppose in that case I'll have read the book, so it won't be too big of a deal.

But first, chili and tea. Afternoons like this make winter worth it.


Amy said...

Loving your plan of attack! I'll do a snow(ice) dance for ya :)

Kate said...

I'll do a little School Closure dance for you, too. I hope the tea, chili, and booking went well. My first pot of chili (in the Christmas-gifted crock pot) happened last week and turned out magnificently. We should share chili strategies. :)