Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Funday

Mom sent me these pictures from Sunday dinner last week and (since I haven't posted pictures in months and months) I thought I'd share.

Eric and Bethany brought over their wedding pictures, so while we were on the subject of weddings and wedding pictures Erin and I tried on Mom's wedding dress. Mom and Dad got married in October of 1981, and I'm told by somewhat reliable sources that this was quite stylish for 1981. (My sources are only somewhat reliable because they are limited to my mom, and why would she admit that wearing a lacy turtleneck isn't necessarily the most stylish thing in the world?)

Reliability of sources aside, however, both Erin and I were pleased to discover that we fit in Mom's wedding dress. She had a pretty kickin' hat, too - in fact, I'm wishing I would've borrowed it to wear for my wedding. Incidentally, that's my own wedding bouquet we're holding. Mom asked what I wanted to do with it after our wedding and I told her I didn't have room for it, so she took it home and let it dry. It still looks pretty good!

Mom even dug out the exact pair of glasses she wore in her wedding for Erin to try. They're... ... ... there are no words. ;)

We also got to spend time with our new little nephew, Marley. He's a beagle mix and he's about the cutest thing I've ever seen. There's nothing cuter than a beagle puppy. Paul and I brought Penny over to Mom and Dad's to see Charlie, so we had quite the menagerie.

And finally, an utterly gratuitous picture of Paul and Marley. Is there anything cuter than your husband holding a baby? Yes: husband + puppy = love squared. :)


TooheyMonster said...

Puppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!! Penny is getting so big! I want to come steal her, I mean meet her, so badly!

Bangin' look in the dress. I think my mom had one fairly similar. I wonder what our kids will say about our dresses? :)

Kate said...

Love the dress! Incidentally, Mom's dress also had a lacy high-neck and long sleeves, which I have likewise been informed was the height of fashion (Mom and Dad were married August 1983). Mom also had awful, enormous glasses, but they were for reading, so she didn't wear them for the wedding.

Anonymous said...

I just need to inform you that my dress was copied by Kate Middleton! Who would've thought that a lace turtleneck would be in style again? :-)


Mandy :) said...

When did Penny get so large???? Eeks! ...Also, I kinda love the dress, I'm not gonna lie!!