Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hi friends!

Today while procrastinating... erm... working in my office at school I figured out how to get pictures off my phone onto my computer!

So here are a bunch of random pictures that sum up my life for the last couple of months.

The reason it's hard for me to work at home:

"Mom? Are you paying attention to me, or to your book? Mom? Mom???"

Paul's "new" shoes:

(Yes, he now has wooden Dutch clogs. We found them at a local antique store. Why does he need wooden clogs? Ask him.)

Tomato sauce cooking down:

Strawberry jam and stewed tomatoes cooling down after being canned.

A pretty bouquet I picked from the garden earlier this summer

The badass grouper we bought in South Carolina, grilled, and consumed with relish. The enjoyment kind of relish, not pickle relish.

Yay pictures!


Kate said...

Yay, pictures, indeed! I am very impressed with the domestic activities, I wish I could play with Penny, and I have to ask: Paul, why do you need wooden clogs?

Elizabeth said...

Paul says everyone should have wooden clogs, especially when it's as rainy as it has been lately. They float.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Elizabeth .... from Driving Miss Daisy

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Elizabeth .... from Driving Miss Daisy said...

Ohhhhh, stewed tomatoes. Yum! Reminds me of the eastern shore.

erin said...

That strawberry jam looks delicious! Such a good treat for these fall days!