Sunday, March 7, 2010



I got my first batch of seeds yesterday in the mail and it has me pretty fired up about getting the gardens going and finally (finally) being done with winter.

In this envelope of goodies:
*Sweet Million tomato hybrid (Because cherry tomatoes are like candy in the summertime)
*Brandywine tomato
*Golden Rave tomato
*Rainbow blend baby greens
*Rainbow blend carrots
*Swiss bright lights chard (x2) (Are we seeing a color pattern here?)
*Spaghetti squash (x2)
*Perfected Detroit dark beets (x2)

I still have an offering of Mary Washington improved asparagus starts and three flowering quince bushes coming from this seed and nursery company, but they'll be shipped after the ground thaws. I'm also waiting on another batch of seeds from another company and some berry bushes and flowers/bulbs from a third company. It's like Christmas in March, only better!

I'm so excited for spring!

chard picture from Henry Field's. Isn't it pretty?


Whitney said...

From what site did you order your seeds? I am finally going to get to plant a garden this year!!

Elizabeth said...

Hooray! I order from a couple of different companies: Henry Field's (linked in my post), and Gurney's ( are the two I order veggie seeds from. I bought flowers and fruit plants from Michigan Bulb Co. ( and Burgess ( I will bring some seed catalogs for you to look through when I see you Wednesday. :)