Monday, March 22, 2010

On the subject of kitchens...

So today was supposed to be front-room-and-bedroom-floor-staining-day, but we changed course after a slight mishap this morning and focused on cleaning up the janky old kitchen floor and making it someplace that could be clean enough to eat off of. As a reminder, this is what the kitchen floor looked like when I bought the CB:

And the floor after having been scraped a bit, but on an even worse kitchen-as-storage-for-everything-in-the-house day:

So today, instead of staining the floors as planned, Mom and I went down to the local floor coverings shop and picked up a remnant of linoleum and proceeded to attack the nasty orange foamy goo that remained. Some scraping (and about a million four inch long nails to be removed) later, here's the big reveal:

Much, much better than orange goo.

Thanks for your help, Mom!

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