Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No pictures yet, but....


Paul and I finished staining the floors this weekend and sealed them on Sunday. I have to wait 7-10 days for them to cure, then it'll be moving day!

I'm going to give them the full 10 days, both because I'm busy this weekend and because I'm terrified of messing up our hard work, so I'm looking to move toward the end of next week.

Yet to be done:
* Finish making Roman shades for the front room windows
* Hang front room and bedroom curtains
* Make kitchen curtains and hang them, too
* Clean the stove that apparently hadn't been cleaned for 20 years, but is a nice little stove nonetheless
* Stain + install the oak threshold that will cover the linoleum edge into the front room from the kitchen
* Install the metal threshold pieces for the outside kitchen door and the pantry door
* Paint the bathroom floor (although this doesn't necessarily have to be done before I move in)
* Paint and install shoe molding

I'm totally encouraged. My to-do list is all simple stuff that will take a few afternoons of light work, and in fact not all of it absolutely has to be done before I move anyway. I also have a bunch of plants and bulbs that are raring to be planted, so there will be some serious yard-work to come, but things are definitely coming together.

I'll post pictures of my gorgeous, custom floors soon!

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Amy said...

SO excited!! You're so close, I can't wait to see all the progress!