Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters..."

(Bonus points if you can tell me where the quote in the title comes from.)

Penny's sister LT (Lucy Two) is visiting for the weekend, so I tried to snap a couple shots of the girls. Most of them came out like this:

And in fact, I didn't get a single one that is perfectly clear. I'm going on the theory that it's impressive that I got them to hold still for even long enough that they're not just two black blurs. You get the idea, anyway.

They're quite the sister act.

Update: I just managed to snap a rare photo on my cellphone of the two of them in repose. Study this one, because it doesn't happen often.


Erin S said...

White Christmas! Now, which puppy is responsible Betty, and which is mischievous Judy?

Elizabeth said...

Bonus points to Erin!

It's hard to say which is which - I think that for this weekend, at least, Penny is the more mischievous of the two, although Kelly tells me LT is a hellion at home. LT hasn't quite got the potty training down yet, though, so Penny is the more responsible of the two in that respect.

2E Monster said...

White Christmas indeed. Matt sings that song all the time... I'm not sure why. :)

Looks like you were in puppy heaven! I can't wait to meet the little ( but ever growing it appears!) Penny!


LM said...

It's like quantum puppies. You can either know where they are or how fast they're going, but not both ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Lum, I love you.