Friday, June 25, 2010

House tour, part I

As promised, some pictures of the CB. I'll start with the bedroom, since it was the cleanest yesterday when I took the pictures.

The butterflies on the wall are vinyl decals that I am still playing with - they won't have the blue paper behind them once I finally adhere them to the wall. (Don't worry, Dad, they are removable and won't ruin the paint if I decide to take them off in the future.) The "bedspread" is a shower curtain from World Market that I liked - the sort of greyish-blue stripe in the middle is almost the same color as my walls, although it doesn't look it in this picture. My grandma made the crocheted spread at the foot of the bed for me - it's one of the most beautiful things I own.

Bed and bedside table. The glass tube in the window is a thermometer - you know it's bad when there's only one bubble floating at the top of it (80 degrees), but it's even worse when not even the 80 degree bubble is floating. Must, must, must get some decent insulation into the attic in the next week.

Dresser-top, because I'm nosy and like to see what other people have on their dressers. Notice my awesome overhead light reflected in the mirror? I wish I could say I meant to do that.

This plant is a "wandering Jew" that I adopted from Kate when she moved to California a couple years ago. Although it periodically goes through molting phases when I become convinced that I have finally killed it, it has thus far sprung back each time and seems pretty happy in this eastern-exposed window. I couldn't get my camera to photograph them properly, but the leaves are a really lush magenta streaked with green and sparkly silver. It absolutely glows in the sunshine. The cool terracotta vase and wooden cat are souvenirs from my grandparents' visits to my Aunt Beth and her family in New Mexico.

Penny was napping under the bed while I took these first pictures, but she stirred her stumps and came out when it seemed like I might take a picture of her. She's a ham - she will actually hold still and preen a little for pictures now. I think I may have completely spoiled her.

And finally, perhaps some additional evidence for the spoilage, gathered the other night while I was working on my computer in the front room. I turned around to see where she was, and this is what I found:

What an absolute brat.

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