Monday, February 8, 2010

Let there be light!

Now that the camera-to-computer situation is worked out, I can finally post pictures of the fancy new lights that now illuminate the CB thanks to my lovely boyfriend-the-electrician. So without further ado:

I decided that I wanted five can lights in the front room, so we figured out about where they should go and drilled test holes into the attic to make sure there was enough room between the beams to install them. My job was to hold a long drill bit up through the hole so Paul could see it in the attic from the ladder. (I balanced it on a roll of duct tape because I wasn't quite tall enough to get it above the beams otherwise). There were some allegations that he was doing all the work while I lounged around holding the walls up. The allegations were deemed false.*

See the ugly ceiling fan? That had to go. I didn't take pictures of its removal since I had to catch the thing when Paul unattached it from the ceiling (further proving that I did not stand around watching him work all weekend), but getting it down was pretty straightforward. And good riddance.

The funny (or horrifying, depending on how hard you think about it) thing about the ceiling fan was that it was wired with an old extension cord cut apart and run across the tops of the beams in the attic. The extension cord was one that didn't have a ground wire, so they conscientiously ran a separate ground wire along with it (the green wire in Paul's hand). My personal electrician was not amused.


He was even less amused when we saw the junction box where they all tied in.

(Hint for the non-electricians: they're not supposed to all be hanging out and wrapped with tape like that. Thanks to Paul, they're all now properly capped and covered. He's handy like that.)

The other j-box was like that, too.

After we disconnected and got rid of the nasty fan, it was time to cut holes in the ceiling for the can lights. (At this point there may have been some truth to Paul's assertion that I was standing around watching him work, but I maintain that I was offering moral support. That's important, too. Also, I was singing loudly to Bon Jovi to encourage him in his pursuits. So I was helping.)

As we were doing this, we discovered the walls and ceiling are made up of a layer of drywall, a layer of stoneboard and a skimcoat of plaster. I didn't take a picture of what that did to Paul's jab saw, but suffice it to say it's not as sharp as it used to be. In fact, when he went to poke the saw through the ceiling to cut the first hole it just bent into a "U". I was amused. After that he drilled a starter hole, but now I owe him a new drill bit as well as a new jab saw. At least I know the walls won't cave in anytime soon....

"Stop giggling! It's not funny!"
(I was apparently too amused to get my finger out of the way of these shots. My camerawork suffers when I'm laughing so hard it makes my abs hurt).

"Really - IT'S NOT FUNNY."

I didn't take pictures of Paul running the wires and connecting the lights because I was too busy running up and down the rickety old ladder bringing tools and parts up to the attic, but only a little blood, sweat and tears later, we had five lovely can lights up in the front room.

This picture was taken sans-trim kits because I still needed to patch the edges where the plaster chipped and touch up the paint, but still - aren't they pretty?

The bedroom light was super easy compared to the can lights. It was a splurge, since Paul got the can lights for a song as a return at the Lowes near him, but I love it.**

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

No more dark, gloomy house for me!

Coming soon: paintingpalooza.

* It being my castle, I get to be queen, judge, and final arbiter of all disputes.
** In fact, the bedroom fixture cost more than twice what all the can lights and the trim kit did, but that's mostly because we got the can lights for stupid cheap.


2E Monster said...

Um, that picture of Paul with the saw is SCARY! If I didn't know him, I'd be running for the hills!

Your little home is looking so nice, Bethan! I'm so proud. I can't wait to see it when it gets to the "show me off" stage!!! :)

marfmom said...

great job remodeling!