Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The antedote to Builder's Beige

We finally had a nice, sunny day (on Sunday, appropriately enough), so I toted my camera over to the CB for some quick glamour shots of the new paint in the bedroom and bathroom. (I do not have mad photography skillz, so these shots are perhaps less glamourous than they might be, but you'll get the idea). I painted the bedroom Olympic Plantation Moss and the bathroom Olympic Sprig of Ivy. After some initial nerves while waiting for the paint to dry (it went on an awful, muddy poo-green/grey color) I really love how the rooms turned out. Having the bedroom a different color changed the feel of the whole house - as if I meant for the front room to be beige. The bedroom is a lovely light green-grey that changes with the different light throughout the day. The bathroom is a darker shade of the same color that feels dramatic against the bright white of the cabinet and curtains. I'm not quitting my day job to go into interior decorating anytime soon, but if I did, I would probably paint every client's house Plantation Moss and Sprig of Ivy. Even the names are romantic.

Afternoon light streaming in the front room windows and the bedroom window.

The bathroom from the bedroom. I couldn't do justice to the color of the bedroom - it's less grey than this in person and more of a soft, pretty green. You can see the contrast between the bedroom and bathroom colors here, though.

I had to cut down the shower curtain to make it fit the opening since the shower goes back behind the sink wall a bit, so I sewed a curtain for the window out of the excess.

Now all I need is a crown to hang on the wall over the toilet and my throne room will be complete.

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Amy said...

The shower curtain is LOVELY!!! Your house is going to be so awesome!