Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The lack of pictures continues for a while, since I made a special trip to one of the big box stores (hint: rhymes with pest fry), brought my camera with me and checked with one of the guys there to make sure the cord I was getting to connect the camera to the computer was the right one. On bringing it home and risking my fingers on the lethal plastic packaging, it's not. So, irritatingly enough, it will have to be returned (and is likely subject to a restocking fee... grr) and the search will continue for the proper camera cord.

In the meantime, an update (albeit a less exciting one than if it included pictures):

*Bathroom is painted a lovely darkish green/grey (Olympic's "Sprig of Ivy": D68-3). Shower curtain has been cut to fit and I made the remnant into a cute little curtain for the window. Yet to be done: Paint the floor (it's wood, but too damaged to bother cleaning up and staining like the rest of the house), clean the tub and caulk thoroughly and re-caulk it for a fresher look.

*Bedroom is painted one shade lighter than the bathroom (Olympic's "Plantation Moss": D68-2). It looks like a light green during the day and a very soothing grey in artificial light. Love, love, love. Yet to be done: stain floor, hang curtains.

*Front room can lights are up, but I haven't installed the trim kits. Yet to be done: trim kits, stain and seal floors, make curtains and hang them.

*Kitchen is done except for laying the linoleum, which I plan to do this week before I stain the wood floors, since I'll need to put the fridge and stove in the front room to lay the lino.

Having the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen painted and having proper lighting is making the CB feel a lot more like mine. It's starting seem like a real house!

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