Friday, January 29, 2010

Another (lame) teaser post

So I'm not quite sure what happened to this week, but somehow it's the weekend again and I still haven't posted about what fun we had with the lights last weekend. This is partly because I need to get a cord to connect my fancy new camera (thanks, Ellen!) to my computer and partly because I didn't get much in the way of school work done last weekend, which meant that this week was catch-up time.

But to quickly re-cap and give another teaser for this weekend:

*Paul came last weekend and we installed five can lights in the front room and a fancy-dancy overhead light in my bedroom. They are beautiful, and make all the difference in the world. It's amazing what some proper lighting (read: more lighting than one ghastly ceiling fan) can do for a room.

*We discovered that whatever they paid the last electrician, it was too much. The old ceiling fan was wired with a cut-apart extension cord and a separate ground wire running haphazardly over the rafters in the attic, despite the fact that the junction box they were connected to wasn't properly grounded anyway. At least they tried?

*We also discovered that, although the insulation is probably older than my mom (which really doesn't make it that old - 30 years at most, right, Mom?), the attic isn't really in bad shape. I'm having visions of putting plywood down for some kind of floor after I replace the insulation and decorating the attic like Sara Crewe's attic in A Little Princess. How awesome would it be to have a secret playhouse accessible by a ladder through the closet ceiling? The 9-year-old in me is utterly enchanted by the prospect.

Teaser for this weekend:

*My mom, my best friend and I are priming my bedroom and bathroom tomorrow, the painting on Sunday or Monday. After that, the only things left to do will be to stain and seal the wood floors and to finish scraping the kitchen floor and slap some linoleum down. Hooray!

Also to come: a more philosophical post about my design philosophy including some pretty inspiration pictures. The plan is to pick up the requisite camera cord tomorrow, so pictures are forthcoming. :)

Happy weekend!

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