Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wedding I

Tomorrow will be our one-month anniversary. I haven't posted much about the wedding yet because I've wanted to hold it close and keep it just for myself for a little while, but it's been a month and it's time to share. Plus, I can't keep these gorgeous pictures to myself anymore.

To set the scene: October 10, 2010. 80 degrees, sunny, nary a cloud in the sky.

Slight breeze, just enough to set Amy's little flags waving.

I woke up with my sister and we puttered around nailing down last minute details (me baking two cherry pies, she downloading songs for our fabulous playlist).

The chairs were delivered and Paul, Bill and I set them up in Bill and Joyce's front yard, where we'd be married later that day.

Gradually friends and family started showing up to help, setting the tables,

hanging tissue paper puffballs in the tree to float over our heads while we said our vows,

and obsessively organizing toothpicks for the olive and cheese trays by color.

*all photos by the utterly fabulous Hannah Samuell


Amy said...


Ainhoa @ALittleBite said...

Your wedding looks like SO MUCH FUN! It's glad to see that something like this can be done, and that it will turn out beautiful, and that we'll still be sane by the time is over.
Your dress is gorgeous by the way. You all look great, and so happy. Thanks for the inspiration!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Ainhoa!

It really was a blast - the key for us was working together (he was mostly in charge of the food, I was in charge of the other logistics like chairs, tent, decorations etc) and having lots of family and friends who were willing to help out. Feel free to email me (kerr.ej[at]gmail.com) for more info or to bounce ideas around!