Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding III

Once we mopped ourselves up from the initial "Oh my God, she's a BRIDE" moment, everyone wanted to help get me brushed and fluffed and primped for the ceremony. I'm pretty sure that at one point absolutely everyone in my house had their hands on me

and I got my game face on.

After that, though, it was my turn to shoo everyone off to get themselves ready

while I finished drying Erin's hair. In my wedding dress. Which is exactly how I wanted it to be.

Finally we were all ready.

I decorated Mama

and we were ready to roll. Are these not about the prettiest ladies you've ever seen?

Up next: the exciting dash to Joyce and Bill's house and the excruciating seven minute wait for the ceremony to begin.

*pics by Hannah Samuell


Amy said...

I love reliving this day through your blog!! Every time I look at the pictures, I smile :)

Mandy :) said...

Part four!! Please? You're such a tease, posting these days and days apart.... I keep having to check back and check back... hehehe.

Mandy :) said...

Hey! You promised me more pictures this afternoon!!