Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wedding IV

I think we all imagined that the trip over to Joyce and Bill's house was going to be sneakier than it actually was.

We discussed all sorts of cloak and dagger maneuvers, including shrouding me in a giant cloak, having all the girls cluster in front of me so I could tiptoe into the house behind them with no one the wiser, or doing that James Bond peer-around-corners-then-duck-and-tumble-into-position thing. (The latter was abandoned after someone pointed out the impracticality of tumbling in a party dress.)

As it turned out, we just sort of meandered over.

The wait for Paul and his groomsmen to get in place so the wedding could begin was interminable.

The wedding was being held in Joyce and Bill's front yard, so we planned to regroup in their front room and sail right out the front door and down to the "altar" under the big tree in their front yard. So we regrouped. And regrouped. And regrouped. And the guys didn't come, and didn't come, and didn't come. And I got more and more and more fidgety.

Kate and Whitney (our bold and intrepid readers) walked my mom down the aisle.

My bridesmaids and I tried to behave ourselves, but we couldn't keep from peeking through the windows to see who was out there.

First Amy,

then Amy and Erin,

and pretty soon all of us.

Kate totally caught us peeking, but I don't think too many other people noticed. See? We *were* being sneaky. Kinda.

Finally, after about a thousand years, Paul and his groomsmen made their entrance.

My cousins Kelly and Ben started playing "You Raise Me Up" on their violins.

My bridesmaids started making their way down the aisle, and I got more and more nervous as they abandoned me.

Finally it was Dad's and my turn.

Erin, bless her, was already crying, and would cry through the whole ceremony. She was no help at all in my own efforts not to cry.

Brother Tony said a prayer, during which I was able to collect myself somewhat.

(Amy totally peeked during the prayer. Kate confessed that she was peeking, too. Bad girls.)

And then my dad gave me away to my soon-to-be-husband.


Bill said...

So enjoyed reliving that wonderful day. I look forward to doing an evening out woth you guys!

Amy said...


Mandy :) said...

I think my favorite picture so far is the one of just your torsos, Paul's hands and then your hands holding your bouquet. Four up from the bottom. I don't know why, but somehow it seems to capture the spirit of your wedding... the relaxation, and at the same time the tradition. I like it. I feel like it would make a nice poster for your living room. But don't listen to me, I like them all. Gah. Hannah is super talented. The end. Hahaha! I want more, more, more!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, everyone!

Mandy - that's actually me and my dad standing together. I had given my bouquet to Erin by the time I went to stand with Paul. I completely agree with you about the picture, though. I think it's one of the most beautiful of all of them. Hannah did such a lovely job!

Mandy :) said...

Oh. Oops.

Anyhow, it's been a week. I think I've been ridiculously patient this time.... :D